"Big Ed" X1 GT40 Roadster 13x19 Print


"Big Ed" X1 GT40 Roadster 13x19 Print

“Big Ed” The Lost GT40 Roadster.
Built originally as one of 5 X1’s, Big Ed was the
only one with an aluminum chassis. The X1’s didn’t do well
in the ‘65 season, and Big Ed was shipped to
Shelby American where the transformation took place.
They added the MKII nose and a taller rear spoiler
to counteract the turbulence of the open roof.
Ken Miles and Lloyd Ruby drove the car to it’s only
win at Sebring in 1966. The GT40 Roadsters didn’t work,
and this car was sidelined. Only to have most of it's parts
stripped to be used on other cars! It then was cutup and destroyed
because of a Temporary Import Bond that had long since expired.
Shelby no choice... Parts of the car are reported to be under
an apartment building!

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