"Chrisman Brothers Coupe" Painting 13"x19" Print


"Chrisman Brothers Coupe" Painting 13"x19" Print

“The Chrisman Brothers Coupe” Art and Lloyd Chrisman and their dad Everett decided to build a competition coupe. A 1930 Model A coupe provided the basis for the machine that would run in the competition coupe class. It was "severely" chopped and the cowl from a '35 Ford complete with A pillar section was grafted to the front of the coupe above the firewall. This gave the coupe a rather severe windshield rake that Art was seeking. Art then went to the Alameda wrecking yard down the street to find suitable sheet metal to fill the roof section. He discovered the hulk of a Forty Ford Tudor and he torched the roof out and while doing the cutting he pushed over the hood that was leaning up against the side of the sedan. It fell forward and landed atop another hood that was already lying upside down on the ground. After removing the roof panel and setting it aside, he noticed the two hoods lying there together on the ground. “There's my nose!”, he said to himself. He envisioned the two hood panels forming the front of the race car.
They went to Bonneville in '55 with a fresh 331 Chrysler for class D. They qualified the coupe for the record run in Class D at over 190. Then set the record with the fastest being 196 mph with the Chrysler running 5% nitro…
Car show promoter Bob Larivee Sr then bought it and, rather than modify it again, had Chrisman restore it to its last Chrisman configuration. Joe MacPherson subsequently bought it, agreed to display it at Pebble, and in 2008 sold it at auction for $660,000
This car has always been an icon of the hot rod and Bonneville Land Speed racing world. And one of my all-time favorites. Many people have tried to recreate this car. Only my friend Lucky Burton has done it justice. Though not an exact recreation, it's got the emotion of the original! (Featured in Rodders Journal #83)
This is a painting of The Chrisman Brothers Coupe racing down the salt in Utah with the sun setting…

This is an 13"x19" print of an original painting done by Ed Tillrock.

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