"Silver Pilot" 11x17 print


"Silver Pilot"

The bike is a 45 Harley. The car is a '39 Cabriolet. The Silver Pilot was built in 1940 by Electromotive Corporation (EMC), which subsequently has become the Electromotive Division (EMD) of General Motors (GM). The designation of E-5A indicates a "E" unit (two prime movers with A1A trucks), the "5" indicates the streamlined side panels (with were delivered only to the Burlington), and the "A" indicates a cab unit. Burlington often used "B" (cab-less booster) units to meet the power and speed requirements for its Zephyr passenger service. The Silver Pilot is the only E-5 locomotive that has been preserved. It's at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union....
(Berwyn is a suburb of Chicago, near where I grew up)

This is an 11x17 print of an original pencil drawing done by Ed Tillrock.

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