The Greer - Black - Prudhomme Dragster (14x24) or (22 x 40) Signed & Numbered Giclee' Prints


The Greer - Black - Prudhomme Dragster (14x24) or (22 x 40)) Signed & Numbered Giclee' Prints

These are Giclee' prints
(14" x 24") $165.00 (1/250)
(14" x 24") (Closeup) $165.00 (1/50)
(22" x 40") $245.00 (1/350)

This is a painting of the Beautiful 1962 Greer - Black - Prudhomme Dragster. This car launched Don "The Snake" Prudhomme's career. He won 90% of the races he entered from 1962 - 1964. It has a Kent Fuller chassis and a Keith Black Chrysler Hemi touting some of the best elapse times (7.77 sec) and speed (191 mph). It's was restored in 2000 and it is owned by Bruce Meyer...

Printed on Museum Quality Paper, with Archival Inks...
These are signed and numbered prints (001/250) and (001/350)
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